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ÀRÓBÁ by Peter Oluwasegun Kuyoro

A famous king travelled with his intimate friend and when they got to a particular forest, the king fell into a trap and all efforts made to free the king from the trap proved abortive. They eventually cut of the king’s toe and his friend said ‘if this does not happen, another will happen’. The king got angry but they continued d journey and when they got back to the palace, the king instructed that his friend should be lucked up in the prison. After some time, d king embarked on another journey but without his friend. On way, he met some kidnappers and they took for money ritual but the ritualist found out that he could not be used for the ritual cos his body part is not complete. Though, they didn’t know he was a king. They let him go. When he got back to the palace, he ordered his friend release, thanked and apologized to him and then narrated his ordeal to him. Then, the king’s friend thanked the king too for imprisoning him, adding that he would have been used to replace the king for the ritual if he was not imprisoned since the king was not useful for it.



 My son, 

Much have I said, 

What will you say when you are old? –

When your children is your world

When your world is your word

When your word is your deepest Lord? 

Will you say your says

or what I’ve said? 

Will you say what I’ve said 

or what you’ve said? 

Will your life portrays my says 

for says’ sake? 

Will says portray your life 

to a living lake –

Surrounded by each source of soil?

Little will I tell you more beneath skies

For every gift of life is vanity… 

I’m weak, just live to leave

As leaves flutter away from a tree

To pave way for her bareness…

I fight…(Continue…)

©Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016

MY SON viii

My Son,

This journey of life…is a rope

Tied round a loin as girgle –

Guiding it’s pride. 

It’s no longer a rope but a stride

To be a circled rainbow… 

It may be viewed by your insight

To see sun in his core

To see moon in her heart

As spectrum spies through your eyes

To read each poem before you leave… 

Though you listen

To the voice of the earth, 

Listen to your soul –

Will your soul melt

By what this earth has sown? 

Listen to silence, to whispers;

To’d hiss of dragon in pretence –

Crawling through your mind, 

Making this new world of temptation

Knowing to whom you are

As satan dwell in the midst of hell

Dwell with the breed of thought

Where idea was captured and caught…

Hnmm…will you hug your lonesomeness

Of being, in the meadow,  My Son?

Much have I said, my Son, 

What will you…(Continue…)


©Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016.

MY SON vii

My Son, 

Be an owl in the dark;

In the serenity of life,

Be careful and watchful.

Care not if you are weird…


Just be an owl

And howl…

When it happen at night

Be the weird of sight


Sigh every evil 

Sight every good

In broad daylight

Be your darkest darkness!


Don’t be fooled but the fool

Allow foolishness to core you

Out of the fruity wisdom

Of your likeness


Be weird of whom the mold

Called you

And wise of whom your thought

Thought of you…


Be evoke with all awakening

And sensitive to all sensitivity

Be your core silence

In the quake of your volcano.


You are never alone

You howl, your yous

Know where you are

They will locate your you.


Be of your flight,

Your wings are not of eagle,

Be of your sight

Your eyes are eagle-eyed…


Be humble and heedful,

Respect sublime silence

In your grievous time

To reap your coming time


Care not if you are weird

For future watches the sun

Whilst owl pretends blind

To see any brooder of her kind.

c. Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016


When the ilk silk of a soul sew,

And question queued on a line thread

Briary bride doubted her two worlds

Lying beneath the core of her eyeballs

The core is her identity, be identified…


My beloved Son of his father,

Bats are identified by flying at night

Because they are rats,

So do rats- run away from sight

For they are bats


If rats walk majestically at sight

It is because they are blind,

If bats were seen in broad daylight

It is because they are also blind

Of their core insight…


They are blind to their wrong 

Hung on these trees of life

Which rats don’t see as wrong!

Both species are possibly preys

To something’ prayer. Be wise


My Son, be an… (to be continue…)

 c. Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016.