ÀRÓBÁ by Peter Oluwasegun Kuyoro

A famous king travelled with his intimate friend and when they got to a particular forest, the king fell into a trap and all efforts made to free the king from the trap proved abortive. They eventually cut of the king’s toe and his friend said ‘if this does not happen, another will happen’. The king got angry but they continued d journey and when they got back to the palace, the king instructed that his friend should be lucked up in the prison. After some time, d king embarked on another journey but without his friend. On way, he met some kidnappers and they took for money ritual but the ritualist found out that he could not be used for the ritual cos his body part is not complete. Though, they didn’t know he was a king. They let him go. When he got back to the palace, he ordered his friend release, thanked and apologized to him and then narrated his ordeal to him. Then, the king’s friend thanked the king too for imprisoning him, adding that he would have been used to replace the king for the ritual if he was not imprisoned since the king was not useful for it.


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