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This life I wish to live

Is the life I’m living

It’s my life

Not your life

It’s my life

My living… 

This life we choose to live

Is the life we’re choosing

Is the life

You choose, I choose

We choose, 

So choose! 

Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016©



My unwritten art imagined you

when brooding about future, 

you are that angel 

with broken wings

you are that angel 

who is in need of my tinge

you are the angel

so, I’m here

you are the angel

my guardian, my heir…

Now that we are

at the juncture of my piece

I kissed your forehead

unknown to who you are… 

like a diary dream

we became soulmate

destined to love each other… 

You are my poetry

I’m here, I’m yours… 

just think no more

your hiddens, my journey

now and forever… 

Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016©


 My son, 

Much have I said, 

What will you say when you are old? –

When your children is your world

When your world is your word

When your word is your deepest Lord? 

Will you say your says

or what I’ve said? 

Will you say what I’ve said 

or what you’ve said? 

Will your life portrays my says 

for says’ sake? 

Will says portray your life 

to a living lake –

Surrounded by each source of soil?

Little will I tell you more beneath skies

For every gift of life is vanity… 

I’m weak, just live to leave

As leaves flutter away from a tree

To pave way for her bareness…

I fight…(Continue…)

©Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016

MY SON viii

My Son,

This journey of life…is a rope

Tied round a loin as girgle –

Guiding it’s pride. 

It’s no longer a rope but a stride

To be a circled rainbow… 

It may be viewed by your insight

To see sun in his core

To see moon in her heart

As spectrum spies through your eyes

To read each poem before you leave… 

Though you listen

To the voice of the earth, 

Listen to your soul –

Will your soul melt

By what this earth has sown? 

Listen to silence, to whispers;

To’d hiss of dragon in pretence –

Crawling through your mind, 

Making this new world of temptation

Knowing to whom you are

As satan dwell in the midst of hell

Dwell with the breed of thought

Where idea was captured and caught…

Hnmm…will you hug your lonesomeness

Of being, in the meadow,  My Son?

Much have I said, my Son, 

What will you…(Continue…)


©Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016.