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Examination Hall by Ezeali Testimony

​Examination hall

        By Ezeali Testimony

In an examination hall

I am left alone in the wilderness

A hall where no one accompany me. 

A jungle where its path leads me to face its king.

A hall where there’s no time

to rest, except my residual knowledge

wins with absolute understanding…

Its road, so wide but passage tight

Left with me would eyes read me

Amidst success; my utmost goal.

©Ezeali Testimony (12years)

Ezeali Testimony is a young girl of twelve who is currently in Junior Secondary 3 Class in Oshboug Modern Secondary School, Ogba Lagos. Her first poem caught my attention while I was having a creative class with them and I think it worth sharing on my blog. Will like more of her works and other young writers, poets and creative mind published on my blog to improve African Re-creativity. This is my first post of this year, I think you will love it!


Not A Season of Songs by Ridwan Adelaja

this heart


sing not of love 

for the door that 

leads inside is broken 

and the hinges in between 

growing gaps like 

rusted fetters. Don’t ask

who -my brothers broke 

it: a tale of cock-lords

in cockroach den.


this heart


no longer feel 

at home at home

for the suffering of my people

drum thunders to my ear.


I am a widow 

married once again to 

aloneness, watching the 

sweep-change-finger of 

the clock from a 



this blow is heavy,

this wound is 

eating in; will

time ever a-flesh 

my bone?

POET ADELAJA RIDWAN OLAYIWOLA is the founder of SPEAK QUILL INITIATIVE, a youth led organisation for peace, science and national development in the country using education as a formidable tool. As a poet, his works have been published in numerous poetry websites, book anthologies and magazines. Mr Adelaja Ridwan is a dynamic multi-talented personality. He is a versed speaker, writer (poet), journalist and social media savvy. He currently serves as social media manager for the GREENBLES NETWORK.​


‘tween the distance creak of the crickets

Reminded me of a tale from an old crow

Through the ageless life of an old man’ soul –

I see no evil, the evil, all evil…

Through the crow’s eyes 

Sowed the odds of life…

“I remember the ember of

Age, in a test of time;

When her ovary laid virgins

Time fasted in stillness for our warmth,

Time hatched and joy of motherhood

Time worth being protected from preys…

I remember,

Her several warning on being vigilant:

O my chicks, beware of days

Night cometh not after ignorance

No voice will comfort thee

Nor choice to consult thee…”

As the old crow wailed, I felt!

“I remember, I remember;

The judgement for disobedience

Of one, pecking the mother earth alone

Whilst a sudden night,

A sudden fall and rise of an impatient tide

And nothing more but cry…

Màááámii, from the distance, far away…

Màáàmii! Màáàmii!!

For night cometh not after ignorance…

I could recall the survival of my kins

The orange nature’s beauty of her wattle

With her gentle warmth when felt cold

Like the age in our helpless shell

As we are proud of god after God…”

Silence overthrown the old crow, I shed tears…

“Night came to my past;

A sudden night thought safe –

Hissed across our abode

And a strike!; A groan of pain…

Màáàmii…Màáàmii…we wailed at moon

As her helpless body hapless

On the soil of souls…she failed to cry…

Night failed the moon

Sad night howled from distance

Emptied my heart


Heartless owl watched without response

To the tears flowing freely 

From her lifeless eyes…

Whole world is being judged!”

Dawn whisper…

The talebearer crows

Màáàmii! Màáàmii!!

In his dialect, unknown to no one

But me, the old man’s Soul.

c. Natur’s Pictur N’quill. 2016


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My unwritten art imagined you

when brooding about future, 

you are that angel 

with broken wings

you are that angel 

who is in need of my tinge

you are the angel

so, I’m here

you are the angel

my guardian, my heir…

Now that we are

at the juncture of my piece

I kissed your forehead

unknown to who you are… 

like a diary dream

we became soulmate

destined to love each other… 

You are my poetry

I’m here, I’m yours… 

just think no more

your hiddens, my journey

now and forever… 

Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016©