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Not A Season of Songs by Ridwan Adelaja

this heart


sing not of love 

for the door that 

leads inside is broken 

and the hinges in between 

growing gaps like 

rusted fetters. Don’t ask

who -my brothers broke 

it: a tale of cock-lords

in cockroach den.


this heart


no longer feel 

at home at home

for the suffering of my people

drum thunders to my ear.


I am a widow 

married once again to 

aloneness, watching the 

sweep-change-finger of 

the clock from a 



this blow is heavy,

this wound is 

eating in; will

time ever a-flesh 

my bone?

POET ADELAJA RIDWAN OLAYIWOLA is the founder of SPEAK QUILL INITIATIVE, a youth led organisation for peace, science and national development in the country using education as a formidable tool. As a poet, his works have been published in numerous poetry websites, book anthologies and magazines. Mr Adelaja Ridwan is a dynamic multi-talented personality. He is a versed speaker, writer (poet), journalist and social media savvy. He currently serves as social media manager for the GREENBLES NETWORK.​



Since years ago, my heart oft know

His mix of thoughts, twisted in tow

Of tares surround his tarn and low°

Of bare liturgy, strengthening woe! 

But now, avow my art from tame

From thwart of script’ in act of words

From frisette framing face for fame

From words of God disguised as swords

Here some shepherds entwined what’s mine

Ofttimes till I gave hope a ghost

Like wit in the garden of spine

Walking with eyes, fingers and toes

With scriptures read and nature’s nod

That lay my heart to’d light of God. 

Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016©

Beauty is neither me…


Hope some have heard the life story of Olajumoke?…
Yesterday was a great day whilst I was checking some creatives pictures posted by tyBello on instagram, I came across this and screenshot’d it:


Looking at other pictures of hers summoned tears with inspiration of THIS!

I mean this ‘You’,
This beauty you think
Is in you,
You may not know
You may only know you…
But somedays
Is that amazing day
When your beauty will make you known,
When your you will locate you
And all about you will become awesome!
Keep breathing, deep!, are you breathing?