I LOVE TO KISS by Mfon Ekott

This is no news, people who are familiar with me are aware that I love to kiss.

The first time I ever did that was in my first year in the university. I was still young and naive that it took a lecturer to show me how to do it.

In one of the classes, my lecturer asked a question and I answered. After I did, he looked at me straight in the eyes. I quivered.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Mfon!” I replied.

“Meet me in my office after this class.” He said while star gazing at me.

“Yes Sir.” I replied in fear, thinking hard if it was right to have answered the question.

After the class, I meandered shyly into his office and it happened.

“Mfon,” he called me, “I know you’re a brilliant girl, I couldn’t help but ask to meet you because I see so much potential in you, but you need to get it done the right way.” He concluded.

“Right way?” I thought to myself. “What could he possibly want with me?” I wondered.

“Hmm… Let me not see what I’ve been hearing of in the ‘tales of a campus girl’ o,” I prayed in my heart.

“Now you’re here, I’ll show you how it’s done.” He finally concluded.

He came closer, passed me a white sheet and right there on his table, we did it.

Yes! I learnt how to kiss.

Ever since that moment, life has been beautiful for me.

Oh, I forgot to tell you,

KISS, to me, means Keep It Short & Simple.

Yes, my lecturer showed me how to make short and simple sentences in French in his office.

“Keep it short and simple, Mfon. Your answer was correct but the expression was way too long, clumsy, and loaded with jargons.” That’s what he told me.

He also said that when a sentence is too long, there is a possibility of it not making sense. This was true.

Since then, I found it easier to construct simple and clear sentences in French.

It got better.

I also apply this rule in life.

“Always do the right thing and avoid excesses.” – Anonymous.

Live simply and enjoy the benefits of life, don’t overstress yourself unnecessarily.

• Stop waiting till the dine minute to rush to get things done.

• Stop going all out to help people to whom you should simple tell ‘sorry’ and pass.

• Stop investing your energy into fruitless relationships with people.

• Stop going overboard for people who are not worth it and would not do same for you.

• Stop searching for love where friendship is needed.

• Stop giving commitment to temporary events.

• Stop stressing yourself monitoring another people’s activities.

• Stop giving in your all where a very little effort is required.

• Stop putting in effort when you should just let it go..
(I can’t list them all).

Just stop it mbok, live a simple life.

Above all, MIND YOUR BUSINESS, you will live longer.

Yet, in all these things, LET YOUR SIMPLICITY BE GUIDED BY DISCIPLINE, and not careless attitude, you will soar..

In life, don’t ever forget the KISS principle, you will need it.

À bon entendeur salut! 👋

PS: With much respect to Dr. S. F. Nzuanke, the most principled lecturer ever.


© Mfon Ekott

Mfon Ekott is a Language consultant, French instructor, A Writer and a great Poet who hail from Akwa-Ibom State. To check more of her works, go to her Facebook Page Mfon Ekott.


this is between me against the mirror;
the conflicts and the constraints,
the truth and the dare do or don’t.
will i say i become an adult today,
who watches the Cuppy woman flaunting wealth
from the hard-work, restricted by my
mental pull of a hatch
if i could just propel my brightly dark wings,
leaving arms and legs on the stem of a blue ivy
who nurtured me with the nectar, secreted
after my world had been hatched to larva
till now. this image is a freak,
i am the world itself in a mirror, lifeless.

Natur’s Pictur N’quill. 2019.

11:50pm. Àtùpà (Lantern)

I am the light, I cloak you from darkness
I see you, I feel your worries
I enlighten your heart;
Sure you don’t get lost in the dark
And this I think, light your path.

Few hours ago,
Before the night beckoned on your soul,
I found you, sun has not ducked fully on the meadows.
I told twilight that moonlight would not be bright enough
To walk your lonely self in the dark.

So I make sacrifice to burn all night for you,
Whilst I wish a candle could burn for me alone.
I don’t trust the moonlight to keep you safe
But I trust in my flames, it will keep you warm.

I illuminate your way while in need of illumination,
For I am your ATUPA. I assure you,
You will always survive darkness under my flames…

®Jaiye_Taiwo with Fisayo (Natur’s Quill)

Date: Tuesday 9th of July 2019.

Lust by Jaiye_Taiwo

Bathe with me in a pool of chilly water,
With the foams floating and our bodies shivering,
Goose bumps allover, my nipples erect
Our bodies shaking with lust

Lay me on a bed of roses
With candles lit and soft music playing,
The lights off.,the windows open and soft breeze blowing
Whisper into my ear, the things you want to do to me
I don’t care if it hurts, Give me a love bite.. just do it..
Touch me from the hair on my head to the nails on my toe

Tickle my fancy,
Make me go wild with lust,
Make my eyes yearn for your stare,
My ears for your words,
My lips for your kiss,
My body for your touch

Make me go wild with lust
Give me all of you
I will give you all of me
Make me hot and cold
Make me smile and cry
Give me pain and pleasure..
Make Love to me…

©Jaiyeola Taiwo Khadijat