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It’s all about the great African Writers…



A lamb grazed

On the fair field

His shepherd watched

With grey eye. 

He kept pacing

To the hill top

Full of anthill

Of his work done… 


The lamb slew

On the hill top

My eyes drained

Of the tears drop

With doves winged

To the hill’ peak

Whilst loon tinged

With its short beak

As skies sobbed

On his welcome

O’ lamb’st fought

For heaven tome! 


Angels laud

For his work done –

O’ fearless pod

Of gospel born. 

No more bane of traffics

But whispers along the boulevard. 

Tell the chronicles

I bade the warrior goodbye… 

To ‘we’, the struggles of heaven

To we of the world disguised as saints

To we; the lambs of fickle fate, 

Heaven rejoice of the slain lamb! 

Olúwakòtànmí – The lord laid you abode

Before you live to leave;

When your scrotum bagged seeds

Before fireflies fly over your morrow. 

Rejoice O’ hebdomad;

The seven candles lighted

Your heaven’s acceptance. 

Rejoice O’ brave of gospelism

O’ heavenly gladiator

Who overcame the mold!

Rejoice you fearless warrior

Of truth with sincerity! 

Brood, my brethren brood

O’ you of his seed! 

The lamb has laid his home

Where will you lay your head? 


To the lamb slain

On the hill top

To the tears drained

Of the eyes grief

To the skies

To the wings joy

To the lamb

To the work done

I bade you WARRIOR farewell…

©Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016


CHINUA ACHEBE by Ikpe Comfort


That day, as I sat outside,
The hawk dropped me a message.

In my grief,

I opened the brief.

He wrote: “Hope things have stopped falling apart?”

I stared and returned a stern gaze at the hawk.

For he was no more;

But I had received a message from him,

He had asked question I knew no answer for.

To look at the hawk was impossible,

For it was no more.

I had received a message from him.


© Ikpe Comfort