So long hast thou been in the confine of me

Voice betides the sea, tides rage against shore

Toothless time speaks in riddle

Yet, I worship thee among the splash of spitters…

So long have I said to myself ‘I could do it

I knew I could…’ but why can’t I? –

Questioning my existence because of you

Whispering to me; what people will say…

Now doth I know your experience with me

I give up painting my art on your wall

Filled with guilts of nowhere to become better,

And find my way; where nowhere is now here with me.

Natur’s Pictur N’quill.​



You are the precious water

That weaken me…

You are the value

That value me…

You are my past

My present my future

You are the two worlds

That birth my mood…

Though I live in a castle

Of wealth and riches

Though I hustle

In my small hut with million wishes

Though I feel hurt and heal

Though I chide weakness with zeal

You are the twain tranquil springs

Released from the core of my soul

Joining at the jaw of my goal.

Though rain fall to wash you away

Though moon listens to

What you want me to say

And stars… stars comfort you

To stay with me through the night…

You are my sunrise by day

At the vantage bay…

You are mine; I have you

In secret, in the street…

In the definition of my true self.

Natur’s Pictur N’quill.


Goodnews to all secondary school students. Thank God it’s Summer break. Invest big this holiday. Here is a great opportunity to get your voice registered as a young patriot of your country. You never can tell how far this will take you.

This time, Speak Quill Initiative, Nigeria is helping you join the network of other smart and vibrant young minds across the country towards sharing ideas in areas of leadership and civic responsibility while giving you a sense of patriotism. 

Your participation will also give you an opportunity of participating as a delegate and ambassador of your school in the coming Youth Leadership Summit in October to celebrate Independence. More so, your entry will be featured alongside in our coming eBook which will be made available on the internet for downloads.  

Read through for more details. 



2016 Independence Day Writing Competition


Secondary School Students



Write and submit an essay between 320 to 500 words with the title “THE NIGERIA OF MY DREAM” to describe the type of Nigeria you ever dream of.


Write and submit a letter between 320 to 500 words addressed to the President of the federation availing him with the present state of the country while expressing your wishes as a young and concern Nigerian to rebuild the nation.


Write and submit a poem not more than 40 lines on the theme NIGERIA.


 The competition is open to students in JSS One(1) to SSS Two(2) in registered secondary schools.

 Entries should be forwarded to as attachment in MsWord document with IDWC2016 as subject.

 Entry opens for submission from 15th of August.

 All entries should be sent before 20th of September, 2016 for evaluation.

 Entrants should include a cover page containing their name, location, mail address, class, school and telephone contact.


Cash Prize, Medals, Book Prize, Certificate of participation and chances of getting published in our coming eBook collection.

Aside prizes, honorable mention and certificate for Top Ten in each writing category;

>>>the SCHOOL with the highest number of participants wins DR RAPHAEL JAMES LIBRARY PRIZE.

>>>and the GIRL with the most outstanding submission (essay, letter or poetry) wins the NANCY E. BIDDLE GIRL PRIZE.

For more enquiries:

Stephen: 08139798998(Southwest)


08099414182 (North)


08063562857 (Southsouth)


07069615548 (North Central)

Write and win fantastic prizes on independence day. 

Good luck guys, looking forward to reading your wonderful entries. 


Adelaja Ridwan Olayiwola_,

Director of Operations, sQi Nigeria.

_Oladehinde Olayiwola_,

Ass. Director of Operations, sQi Nigeria. 



A lamb grazed

On the fair field

His shepherd watched

With grey eye. 

He kept pacing

To the hill top

Full of anthill

Of his work done… 


The lamb slew

On the hill top

My eyes drained

Of the tears drop

With doves winged

To the hill’ peak

Whilst loon tinged

With its short beak

As skies sobbed

On his welcome

O’ lamb’st fought

For heaven tome! 


Angels laud

For his work done –

O’ fearless pod

Of gospel born. 

No more bane of traffics

But whispers along the boulevard. 

Tell the chronicles

I bade the warrior goodbye… 

To ‘we’, the struggles of heaven

To we of the world disguised as saints

To we; the lambs of fickle fate, 

Heaven rejoice of the slain lamb! 

Olúwakòtànmí – The lord laid you abode

Before you live to leave;

When your scrotum bagged seeds

Before fireflies fly over your morrow. 

Rejoice O’ hebdomad;

The seven candles lighted

Your heaven’s acceptance. 

Rejoice O’ brave of gospelism

O’ heavenly gladiator

Who overcame the mold!

Rejoice you fearless warrior

Of truth with sincerity! 

Brood, my brethren brood

O’ you of his seed! 

The lamb has laid his home

Where will you lay your head? 


To the lamb slain

On the hill top

To the tears drained

Of the eyes grief

To the skies

To the wings joy

To the lamb

To the work done

I bade you WARRIOR farewell…

©Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016