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This life I wish to live

Is the life I’m living

It’s my life

Not your life

It’s my life

My living… 

This life we choose to live

Is the life we’re choosing

Is the life

You choose, I choose

We choose, 

So choose! 

Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016©



You were once a seed

Planted by Someone I didn’t know—

Someone; my Good God—

Your father; Our creator; Your knowing,

You will become a tree

Harvested by people you won’t know –

People in the wisdom of my Good God

That will keep growing…

Till you become an empire

Of your desire Sire.

Keep breathing Agedemapetii! –

The pot that cooks but remains uncooked! 

Natur’s Pictur N’quill​