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MY SON vii

My Son, 

Be an owl in the dark;

In the serenity of life,

Be careful and watchful.

Care not if you are weird…


Just be an owl

And howl…

When it happen at night

Be the weird of sight


Sigh every evil 

Sight every good

In broad daylight

Be your darkest darkness!


Don’t be fooled but the fool

Allow foolishness to core you

Out of the fruity wisdom

Of your likeness


Be weird of whom the mold

Called you

And wise of whom your thought

Thought of you…


Be evoke with all awakening

And sensitive to all sensitivity

Be your core silence

In the quake of your volcano.


You are never alone

You howl, your yous

Know where you are

They will locate your you.


Be of your flight,

Your wings are not of eagle,

Be of your sight

Your eyes are eagle-eyed…


Be humble and heedful,

Respect sublime silence

In your grievous time

To reap your coming time


Care not if you are weird

For future watches the sun

Whilst owl pretends blind

To see any brooder of her kind.

c. Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016