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All about love…


You are the precious water

That weaken me…

You are the value

That value me…

You are my past

My present my future

You are the two worlds

That birth my mood…

Though I live in a castle

Of wealth and riches

Though I hustle

In my small hut with million wishes

Though I feel hurt and heal

Though I chide weakness with zeal

You are the twain tranquil springs

Released from the core of my soul

Joining at the jaw of my goal.

Though rain fall to wash you away

Though moon listens to

What you want me to say

And stars… stars comfort you

To stay with me through the night…

You are my sunrise by day

At the vantage bay…

You are mine; I have you

In secret, in the street…

In the definition of my true self.

Natur’s Pictur N’quill.


My unwritten art imagined you

when brooding about future, 

you are that angel 

with broken wings

you are that angel 

who is in need of my tinge

you are the angel

so, I’m here

you are the angel

my guardian, my heir…

Now that we are

at the juncture of my piece

I kissed your forehead

unknown to who you are… 

like a diary dream

we became soulmate

destined to love each other… 

You are my poetry

I’m here, I’m yours… 

just think no more

your hiddens, my journey

now and forever… 

Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016©

ORCHID by Rujeko Moyo

So elegant

So fragile

So fragrant

So beautiful

She blooms in the sun

She blooms in the rain

She thrives in the open air

She thrives in walls’ confines

Abounding in summer’s warmth 

Prevailing through winter’s cold

No matter what comes her way

She re-emerges, re-blooms

Again and again and again

An orchid is who she is

Happy Mother’s Day South African 🌞



Tell me tales

Under this guava tree,

Lull me sleep

So I will be free…

I know;

You will be here

Watching me…

Though, my eyes were closed

I feel your arms…

I feel you

All around me,

Watching over me…

As I’m watching over you

I’m counting 

Each of your heartbeat

Till you’ll sleep on me

To open my eyes

My lips, my touches

Think not

That I’ll care less

I’ll sleep awhile 

I’ll dream of you

Appreciating me…

Appreciating me

For being there,

For being here

Here with you

Telling you tales

Under this guava tree…

That day will surely come

When you’ll fall asleep

And wake up to me 

Again and again…

I rest my pen

Dawn will soon whisper;

Leaves will soon dew

And cock…crows-

That perfect day ahead.

                ♡ ♡

c.Natur’s Pictur N’quill. 


I hide my tears

Behind your veil,

Between the crevice 

Of a fragile wall of love

Where I fight my way

To be your crown…


I hide my tears

For surreal…

For frost, for freedom to

Draw your art nigher

And fill the crispy crevice

With me alone…


I hide my tears

Till those moments

Remembered by me,

Where tales become tides

By expressing me with ‘felt’

Before I left you to choice.


Though, those tears might not

Flow to make you think

Of how I’ve lived in your shoe,

You know you are mine,

Why must I feel your foot

Before I kiss your loin?

O’ Jewel!


Natur’s Pictur N’quill​

TELL ÀSHÀKÉ by Joel Oluwatosin 


If you ever cross her pathway, 

If you ever get a whiff of her fragrance,

If you recognize

The sound of her footsteps from a distance

And the melody of her sonorous chant;

Àkàrà rèé, Èko rèé…


The step daughter of a famous adroit

bean cake merchant..

Tell Àshàké…

That her voice was the fork

That tuned my ear,

That the sand is delighted

To be the canvas of her elegant steps,

That the moon would be unwise not to stare at her.

Tell Àshàké…

She should be careful when visiting streams,

Oya, Yemoja, Òsun and others of their ilk

are envious,

Not all goddesses are pleased with her beauty.

Tell Àshàké…

That an iota of her smile

Is all the day needs to be brightened,

No wonder Gbádégeshin could not let go of her

And saw to it to the end.

Please tell Àshàké…

I never meant to leave her in the cold,

I sure made a perfect plan to elope,

I never wanted her to retreat

Back to Ìyá Alákàrà; the lousy scold.

Narrate to Àshàké…

That I was never a coward,

Even after those blows from the Prince’s sword

Her call I never Ignored,

Even now, as I lay

In my very own pool of blood

And my ancestors beckon

Tell her

She was the one Àkànní loved till the end came.

Joel Oluwatosin