When the ilk silk of a soul sew,

And question queued on a line thread

Briary bride doubted her two worlds

Lying beneath the core of her eyeballs

The core is her identity, be identified…


My beloved Son of his father,

Bats are identified by flying at night

Because they are rats,

So do rats- run away from sight

For they are bats


If rats walk majestically at sight

It is because they are blind,

If bats were seen in broad daylight

It is because they are also blind

Of their core insight…


They are blind to their wrong 

Hung on these trees of life

Which rats don’t see as wrong!

Both species are possibly preys

To something’ prayer. Be wise


My Son, be an… (to be continue…)

 c. Natur’s Pictur N’quill 2016.