BUTTERFLY***by NatursQuill and Ananya


Butterfly hovers over a flower
Circling round it for a time
Before she finally sets on its petal

And petal transforms
To the portrait of’d weeping sky
After the words of rain –

Who washed away her sin
Commit’d before a crow crew
For’d blessed new day.

She laps the nectar
In the blooming flower
And set for another trip

Where our wishes live
To be our fulfilled fruity
Fruit, growing with life…

Like the refreshed wings
Of her; O’ butterfly, leaving
As petal’s wish, to live.

NatursQuill and Ananya


17 thoughts on “BUTTERFLY***by NatursQuill and Ananya”

  1. What a beautiful rendition of a new day and the hope tomorrow holds. Love the image and theme of butterfly, petal and nectar. Lovely collaboration guys!

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                  1. Nope! You can just reply in your own blog, in a post named “Liebster Award”. I’ll check it when you publish it. 😉
                    Kindly check mine for a better understanding. 🙂

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