Let’s talk about Love💝

To what will love compared? 

Of a broken string –

Played to err fingers

Of a tattered drum

Beaten more than words

Of a brass –

Rusted of fallen water

Of a soul

Sown of salmons…

Of a dew

Died of rising sun

Of me

After a lone cry……. 


To what will love compared? 

Tell me

Of tragedy felt

When ocean dried of sand

Of comedy askew

As the sun sets at noon

Of culture

In unison symphony of Muslim

Of religion

Sobbing on freedom

Of gravity; of attitude

Of grief…….  

Of grace……


To which do love compared? 

Of simile

When simile does not similar

With the divine love

Hidden from the depth

Of your heart. 

Natur’s Pictur N’quill


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