You are the precious water

That weaken me…

You are the value

That value me…

You are my past

My present my future

You are the two worlds

That birth my mood…

Though I live in a castle

Of wealth and riches

Though I hustle

In my small hut with million wishes

Though I feel hurt and heal

Though I chide weakness with zeal

You are the twain tranquil springs

Released from the core of my soul

Joining at the jaw of my goal.

Though rain fall to wash you away

Though moon listens to

What you want me to say

And stars… stars comfort you

To stay with me through the night…

You are my sunrise by day

At the vantage bay…

You are mine; I have you

In secret, in the street…

In the definition of my true self.

Natur’s Pictur N’quill.


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