Tell me tales

Under this guava tree,

Lull me sleep

So I will be free…

I know;

You will be here

Watching me…

Though, my eyes were closed

I feel your arms…

I feel you

All around me,

Watching over me…

As I’m watching over you

I’m counting 

Each of your heartbeat

Till you’ll sleep on me

To open my eyes

My lips, my touches

Think not

That I’ll care less

I’ll sleep awhile 

I’ll dream of you

Appreciating me…

Appreciating me

For being there,

For being here

Here with you

Telling you tales

Under this guava tree…

That day will surely come

When you’ll fall asleep

And wake up to me 

Again and again…

I rest my pen

Dawn will soon whisper;

Leaves will soon dew

And cock…crows-

That perfect day ahead.

                ♡ ♡

c.Natur’s Pictur N’quill. 


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