I bless my Good God

For making all things

Bright and beautiful

Wise and wonderful

Great and graceful

Graced and grateful… 

I bless my Good God

Though, I am imperfect

In his sight

But, I am of grace

To what He has done, 

Do and doing

To make me

Creatively creative

Exceptionally exceptional

Actively active

And wonderfully wonderful… 

Though, I may be

Intolerant of my tolerants

Nonsensically naughty

Paradoxically paranoid

And fearfully feared, 

I am grateful

For He hath made me

Who I was, who I am

And who I am becoming 

To become! 

In A made of His art… 

I bless my Good God

Who in his mercy

Love me unconditionally

As He hast made me

To be among His useful quill

To the unwritten world of words. 


 Natur’s Pictur N’quill


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