TELL ÀSHÀKÉ by Joel Oluwatosin 


If you ever cross her pathway, 

If you ever get a whiff of her fragrance,

If you recognize

The sound of her footsteps from a distance

And the melody of her sonorous chant;

Àkàrà rèé, Èko rèé…


The step daughter of a famous adroit

bean cake merchant..

Tell Àshàké…

That her voice was the fork

That tuned my ear,

That the sand is delighted

To be the canvas of her elegant steps,

That the moon would be unwise not to stare at her.

Tell Àshàké…

She should be careful when visiting streams,

Oya, Yemoja, Òsun and others of their ilk

are envious,

Not all goddesses are pleased with her beauty.

Tell Àshàké…

That an iota of her smile

Is all the day needs to be brightened,

No wonder Gbádégeshin could not let go of her

And saw to it to the end.

Please tell Àshàké…

I never meant to leave her in the cold,

I sure made a perfect plan to elope,

I never wanted her to retreat

Back to Ìyá Alákàrà; the lousy scold.

Narrate to Àshàké…

That I was never a coward,

Even after those blows from the Prince’s sword

Her call I never Ignored,

Even now, as I lay

In my very own pool of blood

And my ancestors beckon

Tell her

She was the one Àkànní loved till the end came.

Joel Oluwatosin



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    1. Thank you Beloved…But it is more of Africanesse than plain English, some words there were native but cool… I think the poet love it that way. The poet needs ti complete the poem lol 🙂

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