Beauty is neither me…


Hope some have heard the life story of Olajumoke?…
Yesterday was a great day whilst I was checking some creatives pictures posted by tyBello on instagram, I came across this and screenshot’d it:


Looking at other pictures of hers summoned tears with inspiration of THIS!

I mean this ‘You’,
This beauty you think
Is in you,
You may not know
You may only know you…
But somedays
Is that amazing day
When your beauty will make you known,
When your you will locate you
And all about you will become awesome!
Keep breathing, deep!, are you breathing?



5 thoughts on “Beauty is neither me…”

  1. Discovery of the ‘you’ in us, makes us come to lime light.
    Something special, something unique is in ‘you’
    Do discover the ‘you’ inside you……
    Olajumoke’s story is a wonder, pointing to the work of the ‘Supreme Being’ GOD, in the affairs of men.

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