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STOP POINTING ACCUSING FINGERS: we all contributed to the nuisance after all. 

STOP POINTING ACCUSING FINGERS: We all contributed to the nuisance after all -Ogunleti Azeezat.

The world can only be a better place if we learn to accept one another as family and learn to fulfil our responsibilities (be it to another or to our nation) as faithful citizens. This, however, will never be possible if we fail to recognize and design measures towards safe coexistence.

It is quite unfortunate and regrettably shocking that we have gotten to a point whereby love for another no longer has a definition in our individual minds. A point where nobody truly cares about his associate, friend, colleague or fellow country man. 

Just last week, I witnessed another gory event here in Ikorodu. The sight of this scene left me wondering how we got this far in greediness and sheer wickedness. On that spot, I had to ask myself how we got this blind and what exactly is the problem?

We are a community that shifts blames. Everybody points accusing fingers. We busy ourselves seeking out whose table to land the blame of our collective sociopolitical mishaps. Yes, collective, if you ask me. We point at the government. The government points at institutions. We all forget that we make up the institutions. My dad, your dad, my uncle, your uncle all serve in these government places. And who knows, myself or yourself will be there serving someday?

In the awareness of this, I think we are only being hypocritical whenever we point those silly accusing fingers. And that the better thing to do instead is for us to start accepting those blames and finding solutions, not faults! This, for me, is the one sincere and only true way out of this mess if you ask me!

Imagine how we blame the government for all our woes yet our relationship with one another (within the masses circle) is on the other side of the fence of equality, love and justice. Patriotism, if you ask me, in this clime died a long time and the stench smell is in the air. I feel very sad about the state of our people, and I don’t seem to understand our problem. Why will a man act so unruly and wicked at the cost of others lives. This Ikorodu’s incidence brings one to tears on our collective failure in providing security and safety for another in times of serious need. It is even more sadden to note that some of us contribute to the unease in the land. Yes, we do!

A good instance is the Ikorodu fracas that I witnessed where one driver of a tricycle (keke napep) nearly lost his life at the refusal of paying a traditional 50 naira which was claimed to be a compulsory due for “agberos” on the highway. The first question is, who made this compulsory; the Constitution or the government? What sort of shameful extortion is this? And, when is this going to stop?

The poor man and his passengers nearly lost their lives. This evil genius agbero forgot that the driver is part of the masses who is going around to fend for himself. He forgot that recession is a song that everyone is currently dancing to. He forgot his responsibility of being his brother’s keeper. This time, he didn’t bother about love or kindness to others, instead, he went the other way, at the cost of irreplaceable lives. This Agbero was so mean and mad, he got hold of the steering of the cart and contested it with the driver. The light tricycle swayed, from left to right, losing control before later managing to maintain balance again.

As if that was not enough, other ‘agberos’ joined in. They got hold of the driver, dragged him out (not mind if his cart has been properly brought to halt) to deal with him mercilessly. You can imagine how heartless. Where is Love? Many thanks to the gentle man sitting next to the driver who saved the day. It could have been another story.

Flashing back at this incident, a question popped up. Of what use is the money they collect to have almost claimed lives of innocent commuters? Funny as it may, this is exactly what our big brothers in blacks (Police men) do, too. We hear of stories of whoever dares deprive them of their traditional 20 naira highway due could get shot.

This is where hypocrisy comes in, we point accusing fingers, to the government most times. We say the government is corrupt, wicked and inhuman. But how true is this? My fellow country men, maybe we need a rethink at this point. Is the governing body really responsible for all these?

From this, I draw my conclusion. We ourselves are our greatest problem! Everyone has different mindset and motives, not minding who gets hurt. This exactly is our problem and it is really sadden! We seriously need to correct this thinking.

Once again, the world can only be a better place if we learn to accept one another as family and learn to fulfil our responsibilities (be it to another or to our nation) as faithful citizens. And as a matter of fact, we need to change our thinking and become more considerate to our neighbours, co worker and associates. Only then, only then would the world be a better place.

The change definitely begins with myself and you, or, what do you think?

-Ogunleti Azeezat Aderonke,

Secretary General, TCA LAUTECH,

Youth Leader and Peace Advocate.​

+2347056660449, +2348147220614



‘tween the distance creak of the crickets

Reminded me of a tale from an old crow

Through the ageless life of an old man’ soul –

I see no evil, the evil, all evil…

Through the crow’s eyes 

Sowed the odds of life…

“I remember the ember of

Age, in a test of time;

When her ovary laid virgins

Time fasted in stillness for our warmth,

Time hatched and joy of motherhood

Time worth being protected from preys…

I remember,

Her several warning on being vigilant:

O my chicks, beware of days

Night cometh not after ignorance

No voice will comfort thee

Nor choice to consult thee…”

As the old crow wailed, I felt!

“I remember, I remember;

The judgement for disobedience

Of one, pecking the mother earth alone

Whilst a sudden night,

A sudden fall and rise of an impatient tide

And nothing more but cry…

Màááámii, from the distance, far away…

Màáàmii! Màáàmii!!

For night cometh not after ignorance…

I could recall the survival of my kins

The orange nature’s beauty of her wattle

With her gentle warmth when felt cold

Like the age in our helpless shell

As we are proud of god after God…”

Silence overthrown the old crow, I shed tears…

“Night came to my past;

A sudden night thought safe –

Hissed across our abode

And a strike!; A groan of pain…

Màáàmii…Màáàmii…we wailed at moon

As her helpless body hapless

On the soil of souls…she failed to cry…

Night failed the moon

Sad night howled from distance

Emptied my heart


Heartless owl watched without response

To the tears flowing freely 

From her lifeless eyes…

Whole world is being judged!”

Dawn whisper…

The talebearer crows

Màáàmii! Màáàmii!!

In his dialect, unknown to no one

But me, the old man’s Soul.

c. Natur’s Pictur N’quill. 2016



So long hast thou been in the confine of me

Voice betides the sea, tides rage against shore

Toothless time speaks in riddle

Yet, I worship thee among the splash of spitters…

So long have I said to myself ‘I could do it

I knew I could…’ but why can’t I? –

Questioning my existence because of you

Whispering to me; what people will say…

Now doth I know your experience with me

I give up painting my art on your wall

Filled with guilts of nowhere to become better,

And find my way; where nowhere is now here with me.

Natur’s Pictur N’quill.​


You are the precious water

That weaken me…

You are the value

That value me…

You are my past

My present my future

You are the two worlds

That birth my mood…

Though I live in a castle

Of wealth and riches

Though I hustle

In my small hut with million wishes

Though I feel hurt and heal

Though I chide weakness with zeal

You are the twain tranquil springs

Released from the core of my soul

Joining at the jaw of my goal.

Though rain fall to wash you away

Though moon listens to

What you want me to say

And stars… stars comfort you

To stay with me through the night…

You are my sunrise by day

At the vantage bay…

You are mine; I have you

In secret, in the street…

In the definition of my true self.

Natur’s Pictur N’quill.