‘tween the distance creak of the crickets

Reminded me of a tale from an old crow

Through the ageless life of an old man’ soul –

I see no evil, the evil, all evil…

Through the crow’s eyes 

Sowed the odds of life…

“I remember the ember of

Age, in a test of time;

When her ovary laid virgins

Time fasted in stillness for our warmth,

Time hatched and joy of motherhood

Time worth being protected from preys…

I remember,

Her several warning on being vigilant:

O my chicks, beware of days

Night cometh not after ignorance

No voice will comfort thee

Nor choice to consult thee…”

As the old crow wailed, I felt!

“I remember, I remember;

The judgement for disobedience

Of one, pecking the mother earth alone

Whilst a sudden night,

A sudden fall and rise of an impatient tide

And nothing more but cry…

Màááámii, from the distance, far away…

Màáàmii! Màáàmii!!

For night cometh not after ignorance…

I could recall the survival of my kins

The orange nature’s beauty of her wattle

With her gentle warmth when felt cold

Like the age in our helpless shell

As we are proud of god after God…”

Silence overthrown the old crow, I shed tears…

“Night came to my past;

A sudden night thought safe –

Hissed across our abode

And a strike!; A groan of pain…

Màáàmii…Màáàmii…we wailed at moon

As her helpless body hapless

On the soil of souls…she failed to cry…

Night failed the moon

Sad night howled from distance

Emptied my heart


Heartless owl watched without response

To the tears flowing freely 

From her lifeless eyes…

Whole world is being judged!”

Dawn whisper…

The talebearer crows

Màáàmii! Màáàmii!!

In his dialect, unknown to no one

But me, the old man’s Soul.

c. Natur’s Pictur N’quill. 2016


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