MY SON iii

My son,

Be neither of just a star,

For every human is a star

Nor of these shiny stars

For they are common like scars…

Be of shiny sailing stars –

For they are rare, they are wishes.

Be of a good cheers

For you can never overcome the mold°

It moulded you, you need to know.

You only give trial its chance

Before your tribals lead you home…

Be of a rational moon

That gives her light without pain

Though she’s hurt for your gain

She lives on, after your doom°

To be as she used to be in her fane°

Moment might made me making mist

In the clarity of the sunrise,

Be of the sun by getting on your rise

For I will be glad after I see

Through my blurred age of your glee.

I am who you think I am now

I am not who think I am not…

I may be ‘who’ you’ll never think I may be

Till what will be in million ways be

My thousand years after I leave to live…

Hmmm…. (To be continue)​