Hmnnn……..My son,

My body may be shivering

By then, and the vestiges

Laid by me, inspiring…

Lay yours with more prestige.


Though your grandfather

Want living in your father’s feather

So do I; your father, spies

It through your feather’s feather

To fly in trait of our spicies…


O’ my beloved son…

When I get old

By becoming fold,

Unfold me, before the night fall

For fireflies will sing you a song…:


“There are stars

Over your head

Watching you

As you are made of them


There are stars

Can you see them through your eyes?


As you are looking at them…


There are stars

Twinkling in your thought

Bringing all to life

That once die of clouds…


There are stars

Night fog has passed by

Watch and look,

They are shinning at your days ahead…


Choose to be one,

Not all………….” 

c. Natur’s Pictur N’quill