O submissive ram!…


O’ submissive ram!
You are no longer a little lamb
You are a grown up ram…
Meekness is your love
As horn to your pride…
Pacing backward is never your weakness
But a summoned strenght for a challenge…
Hmm…you are a grown up lamb,
I sigh your thereafter
If slaughter won’t be your morrow
If bone won’t hurt your marrow
I sigh, I wish you could………
You would have known your enemy without trust
You would have known your friend without word.
Words are for your shepherd
Who you called love for love
Silence is for your passersby
Who you became dumb to their doings……

You are a ram,
Little are you, years ago
You are a grown up lamb
Your scrotums are big enough to go…
Your love is wailing overthere,
When will you make her conceive
So will you be counted among memories?
Live now and make love
Even if you are no more, you are…
Birth one, maybe two or three
But great are you to have she of your lambs,
For she may birth you traits
Death is inevitable, she may die or live…
I sigh your future, O’ vanity!
The shepherd you called father, O’ rabbi! –
Will sell you for gain somedays…
Tears are for eyes as night does our sight
When your night fall is when you see
The real identity of your shepherd….
For you, O’ you!, for mine is unknown.
Tears changes not your future
But hope it changes your fate…”Tears”

Natur’s Pictur N’quill