Natursquill and Kanyinsola Tella In STARS


      ☆☆☆     STARS      ☆★☆

Stars are countless in the sky
But shines brightly up above
Above the night owl howling:
To be mindful of careless ghosts
Wailing over night.

Above the late man searching
The wisdom hidden in the shadow
Of the earth deep bait
For a world of creative sensation,
Countless as they are countless.

Above the tides of the sea
Working helplessly without being healed
Above the sands of salt
Creeping beneath the runny water
Above eyes that need no sight.

Above the ghost of thirsty land
Above my head up high
Above the timeless cloak of frogs
That full moon mutes to tell…
Countless stars speechless.

Kanyinsola and NatursQuill

(Note: Kanyinsola is a young poet of 12 who loves natural creations)