The Sun(Haiku) by Kanyinsola Tella


The sun

The sun shines brightly
Up above the sky it shines
And sky weep no more

Kanyinsola Tella


O’ Sky!
Can I write something down?
Kanyinsola has written something
Will I just leave the next verse blank?


After the demo
Of the endless rain, it shines…
To fulfil his call.

So do I in the-
Storm of this challenging life
Will my glory rise.

Natur’s Pictur N’quill.


38 thoughts on “The Sun(Haiku) by Kanyinsola Tella”

              1. What – now? Um…
                Is there any rules for framing a Haiku? Like three stanzas and three lines each… Something like that? Because, I like free-flowing and really don’t care how my poem flows as long as it does! πŸ˜€

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                1. Haiku is a Japanese poem that captures moments with natural creations (Sun, sea, stars etc…) of Seasons (Rainy season, Spring etc…) but nowadays haiku can be written in any form… it is a poem of seventeen syllables in three line of 5-7-5.
                  That is: first line 5
                  Second 7
                  And third 5

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