I have seen and kissed the feet of pain
Disguissed in the sheep-like wolf cloth of love,
They who my-loved were,
Now from them hatred I gain.
To whom my agonies do I complain of?

Should I reason with the cloud-like locusts
Travelling out my lips?
No! I’d better wine with my ancestors-
The pure water which washes eyes to clearness.
They that make walks in thin air
And problems shoot away.

But what if my head marries the earth?
And in my eyes “E”  change to “F”?
Will the hands of my mind catch a solution?
Or wed the ever mental pollution?

I called them friends-
Whom my good never pleased.
My heart burnt daily by them…
My problems, a solution;
Their problems eased.
Why aren’t they my enemies or friends but frenemies?

Gabla Godwin


14 thoughts on “SOLILOQUY OF THE DEJECTED by Gabla Godwin”

  1. At times, we feel dejected
    And trust no one
    At times, trust treated us like a slave
    Of whom we think of it
    And lost in the depth of the sea…
    As poetry speaks…
    Thought becomes thing!

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  2. A nice meditation on friendship. Because the lion shows you his teeth is not a sign of comradeship. Life is heard to fathom. Our people said you hardly notice the lizards that has stomach arch because all lizard cover their stomach on the ground

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    1. You are right Sire Akwu…but at times thought becomes thing what human thinks becomes identity…I think the poet’ persona has no trust in himself talkless the world outside of him or her, it appears in his line “…anscestors…” if you think good so will it come to you. Even if you were dejected, that doesn’t give you a choice of never to trust again.

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  3. The theme of true dejection shows in the poem. Most friends we called friends are fiends and those regarded as enemies are those that love us behind the scene.

    Nice lines Godwin!

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