Taking time to think to tick
Each precious time you
Bear my moment and my piece
With that charming eyes, enchanting smiles…
What will I miss about you?

Hònéy è—
Your name calls the drift
In the waves of my thought,
I fought all sweet experience—
Brooding in the temple of my whole…
Sweety è…; baby è…
Dawn singing dawn till twilight tease titlarks
To join the chorus in torrent smile…

Òrénté Jowé…
Will I jealous my precious Joel
For the song he chose for you?
Maybe I am a jealous lad—
Who choose you no song to sing.
Maybe it’s my pretence
That sings the song along with you.

My baby mama,
Your mum has dreamt you
As the bliss of inner peace
Before you came,
And you came; you smiled,
You choose to be a smiley
Of proud mother you will be.

Little will I miss about you—
The little ocean,
Should I pretend it not the mighty one?
I tick that hurtful day you cried,
Your tears like two rivers
Met at the confluence of my heart
Whilst I became emotionally wider—
Blaming my heartless nature who lured me sleep,
And I slept off, you cried.
Now the two rivers flowing to
Meet at the same confluence…
What I’m I missing about you?
Is it those moments that ressurect
From the core of my soul
I’m I missing something about you?

Tell the white man in suit
That I’m also cute
More than him in
Both smile and look.
Though I’m not jealous of him
I’m not missing you too,
Just tell him
Not to fall to the heel of your smile.

Tell ballerinas
That I dance too
I dance my song
Which you dance with me.
I’m not jealous of them
I will come to you soon,
To chase them away…
Should I be seen that I’m missing you?

Just tell them all
Not to perform any abracadabra!
You are my only hònéy è,
Any other hònéy è is the jealousness
To my unmasked grace
That will graze with you
All the day of your life…
What will I miss about you?
Have I said something?

Natur’s Pictur N’quill.
Photo credit: Dinex Photography.